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Dictator is a small application for writing transcriptions from recorded dictations. It is a simplified notepad application combined with a simple audio player. The unique feature is the ability to skip backward and forward in the audio recording with simple keystrokes while typing.

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Windows setup package: version 0.6 (5.1.2011)

Source code: version 0.6


Select Audio->Open Audio File... and select recording you want to use as a dictation. Then select Audio->Play or press Ctrl+P to start playing the recording. To jump backward, press Ctrl+R and to jump forward, press Ctrl+F. You can change the amount of seconds, how much to jump, from Edit->Options...

Release Notes

Version 0.6 (5.1.2011)

Version 0.5 (13.11.2010)

Version 0.4 (9.11.2010)

Version 0.3 (8.11.2010)

Version 0.2 (6.11.2010)

Version 0.1 (30.10.2010)

To Do List


This program is released under GNU General Public License.


Thanks to my co-worker for seeding the idea for this program.

Thanks to the following tools, this project took only few hours to get in usable state from total scratch:

Matti J. Kärki <mjk (at) iki.fi> 2010